The First Snowfall

We finally have had some progress on moving things forward to get ready to build our home, so we wanted to do something to feel accomplished this year. We were hoping to have a weather-tight house at this point, but, things don’t always work out. So the plan is now to start building in the spring, and hopefully, be living in it this time next year.

So we took the weekend, rented a Kubota and got a little bit of work done so that we could feel like we got something done before winter came. We put in a drainage pipe and moved some topsoil to get ready to put the garden in in the spring. It was two solid days of work, a lot of fun, and incredible to be outside the whole time.

As it was getting dark on Sunday, we could see in the distance that there was snow coming. The clouds hugged the coastline of the bay as it inched it’s way closer and closer. And then it started. Big beautiful flakes floated down onto our land. OUR land. This was the first time it had really snowed since we bought it last spring. I sat on the tailgate of the truck, watching as Nathan moved a giant pile of soil from one spot to the other and it struck me…

This was the first of so many snowflakes that were going to fall on us, our land, our future. And it was glorious. All I could picture was the snowmen and sledding that would happen. The snowy walks up from the car, wondering who lives in the cozy warm cabin at the top of the hill. The white Christmases to come. The stormy nights without power cuddled next to the fire. So much shoveling. So many memories that were just waiting to be made.

The snow blanketed our land. Everything was white except where the tires from the tractor moved, and my footprints as I tried to keep up with the roots and rocks that would eventually need to be cleaned out of the soil. I could not keep up. But that’s ok because we have decades ahead of us to get all this work done. A ridiculous amount of dead trees that need to be cleared away. This giant pile of dirt that would eventually turn into a beautiful garden that would feed our family. That pile of rocks where we will build our home. So much to get done, and a lifetime to do it in.

We have so much to look forward to. Every small step gets us closer to the perfect life we have pictured. Although I know that it won’t work out just as we plan (we’ve already had to make adjustments), I also know whatever we end up with will be a happy life. Even though things can be frustrating and trying at times, it is all with this end goal in mind. The challenge is learning to enjoy and be thankful for the moments between now and then.

This moment, sitting on the tailgate, giant perfect snow floating down onto my eyelashes, Nathan playing in his dirt, was a truly happy moment. I felt like I was home, even though there’s no house there yet. We have our whole lives to live, and it will be on this land. And this was the first of so many snowflakes that would fall.

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