Doula Services

Complementary First Meeting

I will meet with you before you sign our service agreement, so that we can get to know each other a bit. I will answer questions you might have about what I’ll be able to do for you, and discuss your desires for your pregnancy and birth.

Prenatal Meetings

We will set up two meetings before your estimated due date. These meetings will be to answer any questions you might have, and talk about any concerns you or your family have. I’ll discuss evidence based research to help you make decisions about your options and choices. We will go over the comfort measures that I potentially will be using to help you cope during your labour. I’ll show your support person some of these strategies too, so that they can help you when you need it most. I will not be replacing them, rather I will be supporting them in supporting you and filling in the gaps when you need it.

During your Labour

I will be on call for you 24/7 starting 2 weeks before your estimated due date. I can give you text or phone support, or come to your home to support you during your early labour. Once you decide you want me by your side, you’ll receive continuous support throughout your entire labour and birth. I will be using many different strategies to help you feel as comfortable as possible during your labour, and will facilitate conversations between you and your health care provider to be sure you are making informed decisions. I will support you throughout your birth, no matter what the outcome.


Immediately after your birth, I will help you settle with your new bundle of joy! If you’ve chosen to breastfeed, I can help you try to get your first latch. I will stick around until you feel comfortable, usually 1-2 hours after your birth. Once you’re back home, we will set up a postpartum session or two, depending on your needs. During these sessions we can talk about the events of your labour and I’ll try to answer any questions you may have. I’ll help you settle in to your new role, including help with breastfeeding if you so desire.

Meeting Your Needs

The postpartum year looks different for every new parent, and so do their needs. As your postpartum doula, I work with you to find the best way for me to support you. It is easy to feel overwhelmed in your new family roles, but I am here to be whatever you need, to help you and your baby bond, and to give you the space and time to heal and grow.

What might my support entail?

• Breastfeeding support

• Evidence Based Information

• Support with the emotional and physical recovery after birth

• Assistance with newborn care such as diapering, bathing, feeding and comforting

• Help with baby soothing techniques

• Picking up groceries or other errands

• Light meal preparation

• Light housekeeping (this may include laundry, dishes, tidying)

• Referrals to local resources such as, but not limited to, family resources, pediatricians, lactation support and other parenting support groups

Contact me so we can chat about how I can best support you and your growing family.